Lesson 8: PayPal

All powr properties are enabled with PayPal by default. Your users will be able to purchase bundles or use your tip-jar automatically with payments going through Powr's Paypal Account right out of the box! Prefer PayPal as the way you would like to receive payments? No problem! It is easy to have earnings from your powr.com properties sent as monthly payments to your Paypal account.

Entering your PayPal information into your powr.com account

Step 1: Accessing "My Profile"

From your powr.com admin dashboard hover the mouse over your username in the top right corner, and select "My Profile"

Step 2: Accessing "Payment Info"

From the "My Profile" page, select "Payment Info" from underneath the account settings tab.

Step 3: Enter your PayPal Account Email

To begin receiving payments to your PayPal account, enter the email address associated with your PayPal account into the section titled, "PayPal email"


Want to get paid faster? Learn about our Stripe integration which allows you to be paid faster when a user makes a purchase from your site click here.



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