Channel Targeting-Channel Based ad support

With Unreel's channel targeting you can choose to enable ads on a specific channel and set the way those ads are delivered. 


Part 1: Accessing Channel Targeting

Step 1:  

From the admin dashboard select 'content' and from the drop down select 'channels.'

Step 2:

From the channels section, select the gear icon next to the channel you would like to enable ads.

Part 2: Enabling and editing channel targeted ads

Step 1: 

From the 'channels detail' page scroll down to the section titled 'Channel Ads.'

Step 2: 

Check enable to enable ads on that channel.

Step 3: 

Adjust the 'frequency' section to set how many videos a user sees before they are served an ad.

Step 4:

Adjust the 'Offset' section to set how many ads play around a video, and when they play.

To enable a pre-roll ad, leave the 'offset' counter at 0. 

To enable a mid-roll ad, set the counter forward to the time in the video you would like the ad to show.

To enable additional ads on a single video select the '+' button. 

If you want multiple pre-roll ads, set the first number to 0, and each additional number .01 seconds forward. 

Step 5:

Select the platforms you want to serve ads on by selecting the box next to the platform.  From the drop down select the ad source. In the ID - just enter the "iu" value in the VAST tag.


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