""To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom."- Socrates"-

Learn to unlock Powr's powerful analytics to fully understand the performance of your properties. The Powr analytics section of your admin dashboard can tell you everything and anything you would wan't to know about your properties on each platform, users, and videos performance.  

Part 1: High Level Analytics

Step 1: Accessing your Analytics

When you log into your admin dashboard you are instantly presented with high level analytics around your properties and content.

From here you can see:

The number of individual visitors to access your site.

The total number of pages viewed by users of your site (Also reflected in the first graph on the page).

The total amount of views your videos have received.

The total watch time in hours that all of your videos have received.

Revenue: The total revenue generated by your properties over a certain time period.

Top Countries: The most common locations of your viewers broken down by percentages.

Top Devices: The most common devices your viewers are watching on broken down by percentages.

Top Content: Your videos with the highest view counts from most watched to least.  Select a video's thumbnail to see specific analytics around that video.

Step 2: Adjusting the time period of your analytics:

All analytics can be adjusted to reflect any time period you choose, be it a month, quarter, or the entire history of your site. To adjust the time period simply select the turquoise drop down box from the top right hand side of any analytics page and select the time range you would like. 


Part 2: Video Analytics

Step 1: Accessing video specific analytics

To view the specific analytics around every video on your properties, simply select 'Analytics' from the left hand menu of your admin dashboard and then select 'Content' from the drop down.

Step 2: Viewing analytics for all your videos.

From the Content analytics page you are able to view a quick overview of stats including watch time and total number of views for every video in your library. From here you can export these stats for all of your videos as a CSV.  You can also search for a specific video using the search bar

Select the bar graph icon for any video to see specific analytics around that video.  Select the gear icon to edit the video. 

Step 3: Specific Video Analytics. 

Once you've selected a specific video you are taken to a page showing you stats around just that video. From that video's analytics page you can view:

The cumulative amount of time all viewers of that video watched it for.

The number of times that video has been shared across any social network.

Video views over time: The amount of views a video has received over the set time period.

Top Countries: The most common locations of viewers for that video broken down by percentages.

Top Devices: The most common devices viewers of that video watched it on broken down by percentages.

Remember the time period of the analytics around any video can be adjusted by selecting a range from the turquoise drop down box in the top right hand corner. 

Part 3: Transactional History

Step 1: Accessing your Transactional History

To see a history of every purchase made on your properties, select 'Analytics' from the right hand side of your admin dashboard, and select ' Transactional History.' 

From here you can see which bundles a user has purchased, what they spent, what you netted, the you total earned minus Powr's fees (How much money you will have in your pocket), and which platforms the bundle was purchased on. 








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