Channel Directory (Discover)

Channel directory on discover pages is a unique way to improve your discovery page by organizing your channels into a tile images.  We highly recommend it as the best way to set up your site. (Highlighted in dotted red)

Part one: Naming Channels and adding Channel Artwork.

To customize each channels artwork, which is highly recommended, go to 'content' on the left hand menu of your admin dashboard and select 'Channels.'


From the 'channels' section select the gear icon next to each channel that is featured in your directory.

From here you can:

Display Name: Adjust the name of the channel.

Show content: Choose the source of the content for the channel.

Show Logo: Choose if you want the channel's logo to appear at the top of the channel's page.

Logo: Choose a square logo that represents the channel. It is recommended the image be at least 330px by 330px

Show artwork:  Choose if you would like a banner image at the top of the channel page.

Artwork: Choose if you would like a banner image at the top of your channels page.  It is recommended you upload an image that is 2400px by 400px.

Part 2: Enabling Channel Directory on a Discover Page.

Step 1: Accessing Sections.

From the left section of your admin dashboard select 'Settings' and from the drop down select 'layout.'

Step 2: Accessing the Discover page.

From the 'Sections' table select the discover page you desire to add a channel directory to.

Step 3: Enabling channel directory

Scroll to the bottom of the discover page options and select 'Enable' under the section titled 'Show Channel Directory' You also have the option to give the directory a title that will appear above the directory.

Step 4: Setting and ordering channels in the directory

Now scroll up to the top of the discover page options and use the 'Available channels' section to search for and add the desired channels to the directory.  Use the 'selected channels' section to order the channels in the directory. 




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