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Meet the Powr Mobile app experience: 

Powr iOS and Android video streaming apps are loaded with unique features you won't find any where else. These include:

Moment Comments wheel:


powr mobile apps all feature a moment comment wheel.  The wheel appears on the right hand side of the video player, and rotates as user generated comments associated with specific moments in the video occur. Users can spin through the wheel to see comments that have been made, and can even easily add their own! By selecting a comment, the viewer is taken to that moment in the video.

GIF/MEME creator:


On Powr mobile apps viewers can create a GIF and Meme any moment right from the video player.  With the simple push of a button the moment they are watching is turned into a GIF, that they can add text over if they wish. The GIF can easily be shared across social channels and once created the viewer can resume the video where they were. 


With an unrivaled search engine, Powr mobile apps allow users to search not only for video's, but also scenes within videos. When typing in terms into the search bar, users can specify if they want to see results for video titles, or comments ons scenes, or both.  This means if someone searches for backflip, they will be shown every scene that has been tagged with a comment mentioning that a backflip occurs. When the user selects that search result, they will be taken to the exact scene containing a backflip!

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