Connected TV apps

Meet the Powr Connected TV experience.

Powr currently powers native connected TV apps for tvOS, Roku, Vewd, Samsung and Vizio with more on the way.  Each of our apps has been optimized for each platform and offers best in class features and design. 


Powr native CTV apps are easy to use, completely customized to the brand and feature a one of a kind user experience that includes:

Moment based comments:


Moments based comments appear above the scrubber as the scene they are tagged to occurs. This is the only video commenting feature on CTV!



Powr unleashes the most powerful search engine on CTV.  Using search on and Powr app, users can find videos based on title name, or specific scenes based on comments.  This means if someone searches for backflip, they will be shown every scene that has been tagged with a comment mentioning that a backflip occurs. When the user selects that search result, they will be taken to the exact scene containing a backflip!


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