Geoblocking allows you to specify access to a video by country. You can use geoblocking to either restrict access to only specified countries, or restrict specified countries from having access. Use this tool when you only have distribution rights to content in certain locations. Geoblocking on Unreel is done on a video-by-video basis. To enable geoblocking you must go to the Geoblocking drop down in the video details section of each video.  This section can be edited during the video upload process, or accessed later by following the below steps. 

Please note this is only applicable for Network accounts. Contact us for further details if you have interest.


Enabling Geoblocking:

Step 1: Accessing the 'videos' section:

From your site's dashboard select 'Content' and then select 'Videos' from the drop down.


Step 2: Accessing the 'edit video' section:

From the 'Video' section select the gear icon for the video you wish to use geoblocking on.


Step 3: Enabling geoblocking

Scroll down to the section 'geoblocking' and from the drop down you will be presented with three options:


No geoblocking

This video will be available to viewers in all countries.

Allow in the following countries

This video will only be available to viewers in the countries you specify.

Block in the following countries

This video will be available to all viewers except in the countries you specify.

Step 4: Specifying countries for geoblocking

If you select "Allow in the following countries" or "Block in the following countries" a search box will appear. In the box type in the countries you would like to specify.


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