Creating GIFs/MEMEs

Can you hear that? Its the MEME Machine and it runs on your imagination (and the tears of our enemies.) But mostly your imagination!  While watching a video on any microsite you can instantly GIF and MEME any moment and then share it all without leaving our video player. How you ask? Follow along...

Step 1. Accessing the MEME Machine

While watching a video on an microsite, click the "GIF" text on the bottom right of the player when you have found a moment you want to GIF/MEME.

Step 2. Creating a GIF

The "Create GIF" screen should appear. Begin by choosing the start time of your GIF by scrolling the slider underneath the video. Then choose how long the GIF will run by sliding the arrow on the duration bar. Next add text to the top and bottom to make the MEME your own.  Hit the "Create GIF" button!


Step 3. Sharing a GIF

Select the icon of the Social media platform you wish to share the GIF on, or copy the "GIF URL" or "GIF SOURCE" and paste it wherever you would like! Prepare to get all the likes!



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