Adding time-stamped comments

About time-stamped comments:

Time stamped comments are Powr's bread and butter.  We have a patent pending A.I. bot, nicknamed Bumblebee, that crawls the web finding every moment based comment from Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit made about each video on our platform. These comments are viewable on the right side of every video on any microsite.

You may be thinking, why do social media comments get all the fun? Well you can join in the fun too and make your own time-stamped comments to engage with videos, and share with friends.

Step 1: Accessing the comment section

When you run by a moment you would like to comment on, or to see what the conversation is about any given moment in a video you will have to open the comment section. To do so select the tab with the Powr bulb located at the top right hand side of any video. Then select the heading with the conversations icon.

Step 2: Making a time-stamped comment

Once you have opened the conversation section and identified a moment you want to say something about or join in the conversation about, begin typing in the comment box at the bottom. There is no need to stop the video, once you begin typing in the comment box, the moment time stamp will pause at the moment you are referring to. 

Step 3: Share a time-stamped comment

To share a time-stamped comment, be it your own, or someone else's, simply click on the comment. You will then have the option to share it on Facebook or twitter, by clicking on the icon. Remember with great sharing comes great responsibility. 


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