At Powr we truly believe sharing is caring. It's the first lesson you learn in life and we welcome you to share away on the Powr platform.  

There are 4 ways to share on Powr:

1. Sharing a Video:

Love the video you are watching on the microsite you just subscribed to? Let your friends know! 

Share a video:

To share a video select the tab with the share icon located in the upper right hand side of the player.  You will then have the option to share that video on social media, or copy a link of the video to paste anywhere. 

2. Sharing a time-stamped moment

Love the comment you just made about a moment in the video you are watching? Let your pals know!

Create/share time-stamped moments

To create a time stamped comment select the top tab on the upper left side of the player with the Powr bulb icon on it. Then select the section with the comment icon on the header. Follow this lesson to learn how to add your own time stamped comments and share them.

3. Sharing a GIF/MEME

Love the GIF/MEME you just made? Let your Buds know!

Sharing a GIF/MEME

Once you have created a GIF/MEME select the icon of the Social media platform you wish to share the GIF on, or copy the "GIF URL" or "GIF SOURCE" and paste it wherever you would like! Prepare to get all the likes! Follow this lesson to learn how to make GIFs/MEMEs.

4. Sharing your feelings

Feeling happy, feeling sad, feeling gassy? We want to know!

Sharing your feelings

We want to know how you are doing! Drop us an email about anything, if you are happy we want to know what we did to make you smile, if you are sad we want to know how we can make it better. If you are gassy, lay off the beans and keep it to yourself :)

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