Discover Videos

You've come to an microsite for one reason, and that is to discover and watch videos.  With it is simple to get straight to the videos you love.  So put a bathing suit on, wait 30 minutes after eating, and get ready to dive right into it!

Discovering Videos  

Step 1: Selecting the video section.

In this world, dogs live in dog houses, Hamsters live in Hamster wheels, Batman lives in the Bat-cave, and videos live on the video page of micro sites.

Step 2: Choosing a category.

By clicking on the video tab on the left menu you will be taken to the video section of the site.  Here you can choose between categories, represented by the header tabs, each with its own grouping of related channels.  Each channel's playlist of videos run horizontally across the screen. 

Step 3: Selecting a video

To select a video simply click on the thumbnail image of it in the channel queue and enjoy!

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