Why the name unreel?!?

Unreel is a name that works on many levels. Get ready to have your mind blown! 

1. Unreel sounds like unreal, which means something is so incredibly amazing, its very existence seems impossible.  Kind of like our platform.


2. The reel in unreel represents a reel.  For those of you do not know what a reel is, here is a history lesson.  A reel is a wheel of film and used to be the only way to record and then play videos.  We are a video platform, so reel fits perfectly into our name.


3. Unreel in fishing terms means to take a fishing line that is wound up on the 'reel' and unwind it.  Freeing it if you will.  Just like how we 'unwind' and free content creators from their current powerless place in the video distribution world.


4. Keeping with the fishing theme, when you unreel a fishing rod to go fishing where do you do it?  In a stream.  Just like at unreal, where you are "streaming" your videos.


5. One could speculate that the people of the lost city of Atlantis had a prophecy that a company named 'Unreel' would one day save the world.  That maybe true, only time will tell. 


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