Signup - Onboarding

Before you can get inside your site and start tinkering, lets name your site and connect it to your social accounts!

Step 1: Naming your site

It’s now time to choose a unique name that represents your brand and you! In the box with "Enter your name" enter the name you would like for your site. Your site URL will appear as Click the next button to go to the next step when you are done!

Step 2: Connect your Youtube and Facebook

It is time to get connected you social butterfly! By connecting your Youtube or Facebook accounts, we will automatically pull all of your videos from those platforms into your site. You will be able to choose which videos are actually shown, but we save you the tedious steps of re-uploading your videos.



Step 3: Create your log in info

Create a login to our awesome dashboard and creators panel where you can manage what goes into your new home and even change look & feel to match your brand! Enter a username, email address, and password.  Don't forget them!



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