Lesson 1 - Layout/design of site (channel discovery)

Your Powr.tv site and apps are your new OTT home, so kick off your shoes, relax, and get ready to make something as unique as your brands are!

For the first part of this lesson we will go over how to make changes to the general feel of your properties to match your branding.

In the second part of this lesson we will cover the specific options you have in designing the left menu on your site, including which modules you want and what they do!

This is the longest lesson so bare with us and use this table of contents to skip to the part you need help with:

Part 1: General Options

Step 1: Accessing the General Options

Step 2: Opening the General Options

Step 3: Custom Domain 

Step 4: Title and Description 

Step 5: Adding a Logo

Step 6: Favicon

Step 7: Theme Color

Step 8: Default Page

Step 9: GIF Logo

Step 10: Reel Logo

Step 11: Social Media

Step 12: Widget Order

Step 13: Overlay

Step 14: Site Modules

Step 15: Ads

Step 16: MailChimp Integration

Step 17: Localize

Part 2: Adding Sections

Step 1: Accessing the Menu

Step 2: Adding Sections

Part 3: Editing Sections

Step 1: Enabling a Section

Step 2: Naming a Section

Step 3: Menu Icon

Step 4: Page Options

Step 5: Adding tabs to a Section's page

Step 6: Enabling a page/ new tab

Step 7: Naming a page/ new tab

Step 8: Selecting a Type of page

Part 4: Editing type of Page

1. About

2. Cast

3. Discover and Discover II

> Setting channels

> Setting featured videos

>Dynamic Content (Predictive Channel)

4. Home

5. Home-movie

Part 1: General Options

Step 1: Accessing the General Options

Select the "Layout" section from the left side of your admin.unreel.me "Admin Dashboard." (Feel free to say "skadoosh" every time you click your mouse from now on.)

Step 2: Opening the General Options

Select the "General" sub-section that has now slid down below the "Layout" section on the left side of the page. (I did not hear a "skadoosh"...)

You now should be on the page "General Options." From here you can change the look of your site to fit your branding.  

Step 3: Connecting a Custom Domain

Connecting your site to a custom domain is easy.  If you own a domain that you would like your site to be under follow these steps.

Step 4: Title and Description 

Give your site a name and description. Use a name that your fans will recognize and a description that will attract people to the site, since this will only be viewable in search results or when your site is shared. 

Step 5: Adding a Logo

To add your Logo to your site, select the upload box to the right of the Logo header on the "General Options" page.  You may also just drag your logo file into the box (after swirling it around your screen a few times and shouting "weeeee!")

We recommend you upload your logo in a png format and have it be no wider than 50px. Your logo will be automatically scaled to 20px in height and we do not want it to appear smooshed. You may also upload a GIF if you are feeling adventurous!


Step 6: Favicon

Favicon is a small icon used to represent your brand that is often put next to the url or name of the site at the top of the web browser. To add your own click the box next to the "Favicon" section of the "General Options" page. You may also drag your Favicon file into the box. We recommend your Favicon be png format, sized 32x32px, and eating 4-6 servings of vegetables a day. 

Step 7: Default Page 

The default page is the landing page for your site.  First impressions matter, so make sure this page will draw users in!

Step 8: Theme Color

Every great brand, team, and hero has their own specific color people associate with them. To incorporate your color into the site select the square next to "Theme Color" on the "General Options" page and select a color from the spectrum box. If you know the HTML code for your color you can also simply type it in/ very impressive! 

Step 9: GIF Logo

One of the perks of Powr is that your fans can instantly turn any moment of your content into a shareable GIF.  You have the option to put a watermark logo on the GIF so that when it is shared, people know it came from your content! You may choose where the logo appears on the GIF using the "GIF Logo Position" drop down.

Step 10: Reel Logo

Another perk of Powr is the creation of automagic highlight reels. You can select several of your videos, and we will automatically find the best moments based on social engagement, and cut them together into a highlight reel.  If you would like you can upload a logo to show up at the end of your highlight reels by uploading it here!

Step 11: Social Media

You can place links to each of your Social accounts, so that the fans that can not get enough of you, can visit your social presence everywhere on the web.  Social accounts you have linked will look like this on your microsite.


Step 12: Widget Order

On videos on Powr sites, there are three widgets on the right side of the video player. They are a play que, engagement features, and share actions. 

Using the "Widget Order section you can choose which order these three widgets are in on the right side of the player on desktop, and underneath the player on mobile.

Step 13: Overlay

The overlay is the colored strip above the video on the player, and the left side module.  In the picture below is red.  Use the "Overlay" color selector to set this color.  

Enabling "Continuous playback of video during navigation means that when a user navigates the left menu from the video player the video they were watching will continue playing.

Part 14: Site Modules

Select whether you want the right side modules to auto-hide during video playback (disappear from the screen until a fan moves the mouse).  You can also select to auto-hide the left side module on page load.

Step 15: Ads

Powr properties have the opportunity to automatically deliver pre-roll, post-roll, and mid-roll and banner ads at industry best CPM's.  When you select to enable them, a review process will take place, and if/when your content receives approval ads will begin delivering and the revenue will start pouring in.

Step 16: MailChimp Integration 

A powerful tool Powr provides you is the ability to collect your fans emails. Click here for instructions how to set up a free MailChimp account and begin compiling your fans emails.  

Step 17: Localize

If you would like, you can set up your site to translate into many languages depending on a users location. Follow this link to get an API key to do so. Then select the "Settings" section from the powr.com dashboard and click on "Integrations" from the drop down.

From the "Integrations" page enter your API key into the "Localize" section and you're done!

Part 2: Adding Sections

Step 1: Accessing the Menu

Select the "settings" section from the left side of your admin.unreel.me Admin Dashboard, and select "Layout" from the drop down.


You now should be on the page "Layout Menu." From here you can change the modules included in the left menu of your microsite. The left menu is how fans navigate your site. It allows them to access different sections including the about page, the discover page, the home page, and their own account information.

Step 2: Adding Sections

To add a module (a.k.a a section) to your left menu press the "+New Section" box under the section of the "Layout Menu" page titled "Sections."

After selecting new item you will be asked what kind of section you want to add.

Link: A way to take a fan to another page from anywhere on the web.

Page: This is how you add discover, about, cast, and home pages.

Subscribe: This enables a you to set up a subscription paywall to access certain sections of your content.  To learn more about setting up paywalls like SVOD or VOD for you content click here.

Tip Jar: This enables a page where your fans can choose to donate in appreciation of your content.  You can learn more about tip jar by clicking here.

Directory: Directory is a page that displays every channel you've created in one place.  It is like a site map, making it easy to discover and navigate your content quickly. To learn more, click here.

Part 3: Editing Sections 

Once you have selected the "+New section" you will be taken to the "Options" page for your new section. From here you can edit the section's name, icon, and functionality. 

Step 1: Enabling a Section

The first section of the module "Options" page is  titled "Enabled." By selecting the box you are making this module live on your site. You also are creating a neat little check that in no way resembles or infringes upon a certain sporting goods company's copyright. 

Step 2: Naming a Section

Now it is time to name the section! Next to "Label under the options section of the "Left Menu" page type in a name that will tell users what page that specific button will take them to. 

Step 3: Menu Icon

Add an Icon from the drop down menu to represent that module by clicking on change!


Step 4: Page Options

The section with the header "Page options" is where you set what the page that selecting the section from the left menu will look like.   

Step 5: Adding Tabs to Section's Pages.

Module pages can have multiple tabs, each showing the user different types of content. To add tabs to a module select  "+ New Tab" in the "" section.  

Step 6: Enabling a Page/ New Tab

To enable a page, or new tab (make it live on the site) select the box next to "Enabled."

Step 7: Naming a Page/ New Tab

To name a page or new tab, type in the desired name in the section next to "Label."

Step 8: Selecting a Type of page:

Powr sites can currently have 5 different types of pages/tabs. Access the drop down menu of types by clicking the "Select one" box next to the section titles "Type"

Part 4: Selecting a Page Type

There are 5 types of modules you can have on your site.

1. About:

This module is a your site's About page. Here you can upload an image and put a write up telling users what your Powr.tv microsite is all about!

2. Cast:

This module is your site's Cast page.  Here you can upload images for each cast member that go next to a write up about each of your stars! You can also add a link to each actors' social media accounts, since follower count is the only measure of fame that matters.

3. Discover or Discover II:

This module is the page the users are here for, this is the page with all of your videos. Here you can organize your channels into different pages and tabs. You can also choose to set up to 5 videos from these channels as "featured," meaning they show up at the top of the module for everyone to see. Discover II differs from Discover in that Discover II has a smaller featured video section and a slightly different aesthetic.

Step 1: Setting channels

To set the channels will be on each tab, select them from the search box titled "Available channels."  When you've selected channels, they will appear in the "Selected channel" section in the order they will be listed on your properties.  To change the order you can drag and drop the channels blue boxes.

Step 2: Setting featured videos

Featured videos will show up at the top of the tab in a carousel. 

To set featured videos, select the "+Add Item" button and search for the video you desire to feature You may select up to 5. You may also choose to have your featured videos automatically update to your most recent videos by checking the box titles " Please note: only videos from channels that appear on that tab may be featured on the tab.  You can view and rearrange the order of featured videos in the section titled "Featured." If a featured videos appears in more than on channel included in that tab, you can choose which channel will be the source of featured video by selecting it in the drop down menu titled "Source Channel."

Step 3: Dynamic content (Optional)

There are 3 types of dynamic content channels that can be enabled at the top of your discover page, including our proprietary A.I. powered recommendation channel.  The option to enable any of these channels is located underneath the featured videos selection section.

Recommended Videos:

This playlist ranks every video in your library based on their match to a particular user’s preferences. The playlist will reflect our system’s prediction of what it is that fan wants to see.  This provides users with a custom curated experience that will keep them engaged. To learn more about our tech powering this, follow this blog post.

Most Popular:

Most Popular is a playlist of all of your videos in order of popularity. This updating playlist will automatically rank your videos as they grow in popularity. Let your fans see your best work first!

Most Recent:

The most recent playlist orders your videos newest to oldest. As you release new videos, they will move directly to the top of the list! This ensures that fans see what’s new right away.

4. Home:

This module can only be applied to the home landing page of your site.  The page has a large main image with the option to put up to 3 smaller images and descriptions of features you are offering on your microsite. 

5. Home-movie:

This module is also only applicable to the home landing page of your site.  It features a fullscreen background image with branding and call to action in the middle. 

6. Iframe:

This page allows you to embed any site from around the web into your site. All you need is to paste the address of the site you want to embed on your site into the section titles "Source Url"


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