Lesson 2 - Video management

Now that you have tuned your site's layout, it is time to make sure your videos are set up exactly how you would like. This is the reason your fans are here, so it is important to organize your amazing content so it is enjoyable and easy to watch.  Let us help you with that!

Part 1: Uploading Videos

Even though you have connected your content from around the web to your microsite, we highly recommend you also upload videos that will be exclusive to your site.

Step 1: Accessing the "Upload Videos" portal 

From the unreel.me "Admin Dashboard" select "Content." From the drop down menu beneath "Content" select "Upload Videos."

Step 2: Uploading videos

From here you can select/drag in a single, or multiple video files you would like to upload. There is a max file size of 5GB. Please contact us if you need to upload a larger file that can not be broken up. 

Step 3: Organizing your video

As your video uploads you can give it a name, a description, tags, and assign it a category, all of which will help your fans identify what it is about.  Once the video is uploaded you will also have the option of choosing an auto generated thumbnail image, or uploading one yourself. 


Step 4: Channel selection

On your microsite your videos will be organized by channels.  While you upload a video you can select to add it to a pre-existing channel you have made, or create a new channel for it. These two options are available in a drop down menu accessed by clicking on the box "channels" on the "Upload Video page" 

Step 5: Geoblocking

Geoblocking allows you to make a video unavailable in certain countries or only viewable in certain countries. From the Geoblocking drop down select "Allow in the following countries" to only allow people in certain countries to view that specific video. Select "Block in the following countries" to keep people in specified countries from being able to view that specific video.  When you select either option, a search bar will drop down, giving you the ability to type in the countries you want to designate. 



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