Monetization: SVOD, VOD, Bundles, Coupons

Note: To enable Bundles, you will need to create and integrate a Stripe account with your Powr account. Instructions to do so can be found here.

Part 1: Bundles 

Step 1: Accessing Bundles

From the Powr admin dashboard select the section titled "Bundles."


Step 2: Adding a new Bundle

Select "View Bundles" from the drop down menu under "Bundles", then select the "New Bundle" Button.


Step 3: Creating a Bundle 

From here you can name the Bundle, give it a description, select which channels will be included, and choose a price and pricing style. You may also choose to select Pre-orders, which means your content is not ready to be released, but you are ready to start receiving payments. Just set a date for when the content will debut and you'll be set.

Step 4: Trial Period

For all pricing options except for "One Time" you have the option to offer customers a trial period. Customers will have to submit payment info to access the trial. Once the trial period is up, they will be automatically charged unless they cancel.

Part 2: Pricing

Below is a list of the options you have, as well as recommendations of what sort of content best fits each type.

1. One Time:

One time pricing means users pay a one time fee, and have access to the bundle for the rest of time.

Note: One Time is the only pricing that does not allow you to offer a trial period.  

2. Monthly: 

Monthly pricing means customers pay a set monthly recurring fee forever or until they cancel.

3. Annually:

Annual pricing means customers pay a set yearly recurring fee forever or until they cancel.

Part 3: Coupons

Integrate Coupons to provide customers a discount or access to content you've monetized for free.

Step 1: Accessing Coupons

From the admin dashboard select "Bundles" and from the drop down select "Coupons".


Step 2: Creating a Coupon

From this section you can edit existing coupons or add new ones.  Select "New Coupon" to add a new coupon.


Step 3: Editing a Coupon 

As shown in the example screen below, you can edit every aspect of your coupon.


Name: Give your Coupon a promotional name.

Code: Either enter a custom code (e.g. 25OFF) or we can auto generate one for you.

Quantity: This number dictates how many coupons will be auto generated or how many times a single coupon can be redeemed. 

Bundle: This allows you to choose which of your bundles the discount can be applied to.

Discount Type: From here you can choose whether the discount is a dollar amount off, a percentage off, or free.

Amount Off: Choose how much the coupon will be worth.

For Recurring bundles, Apply discount to: Here you can choose how the coupon is applied to recurring bundles. The discount can only be applied for the first payment in a subscription, or for every payment.

Expires: Choose an expiration date for your coupon.

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