Lesson 4 - Monetization: SVOD, VOD, Bundles, Tip Jar, Coupons.

Now for the best part, how to make that money! You've slaved over creating killer content for your fans and it is time for you to get what you deserve. 

Note: To enable Bundles and get paid for your content you will need to create and integrate a Stripe account with your powr.com account.  Simple instructions to do so are right here!

PART 1: Bundles 

We are going to help you create a little bundle of joy you can show off to the world like a proud mother. In this case however, that bundle will be a collection of your best videos and not a stinky baby. Bundles are how you group videos and channels that will require payment to access. This is where you put exclusive content, deleted scenes, behind the scenes looks, and fan favorites to entice your following to take the next step into fandom by forking out some dough.  

Step 1: Accessing Bundles

From the powr.com "Admin Dashboard" select the section titled "Bundles."

Step 2: Adding a new Bundle

Select the "View Bundles" from the drop down menu under "Bundles" then select the "+Add New Bundle" Button.


Step 3: Creating a Bundle 

From here you can name the Bundle, give it a description, select which channels will be included, and choose a price and pricing style (which will be discussed next). You may also choose to select Pre-orders, which means your content is not ready to be released, but you are ready to take money for it. Set a date for when the content will debut and fans who pre-order will be notified the second they can access it.

Step 4: Trial period

For all pricing options except for "One Time" you have the option to offer fans a trial period by checking the box next to trial period. Then you may select the duration of the trial. Your fans will have to submit payment info to access the trial and once the trial period is up, they will be automatically charged unless they cancel. 

PART 2: Pricing

You don't need to be a business genius to understand our pricing models and figure out which one best fits your content. Below is a list of the options you have, as well as recommendations of what sort of content best fits each type.

1. One Time (VOD):

One time pricing means users pay a one time fee, and have access to the bundle for the rest of time, and maybe longer.  This option best fits a microsite that will not be updating content. If you are using the platform to distribute a movie or content that will not be added to, this is the option for you. 

Note: One Time is the only pricing that does not allow you to offer a trial period to your fans.  

2. Monthly (SVOD): 

Monthly pricing means users pay a set fee once a month automatically for ever until they cancel. This means the money will just keep rolling in to keep your Scrooge McDuck style swimming pool of money full.  We recommend those who will be consistently updating their content on a regular basis consider this option.  

3. Annually (SVOD):

Annual pricing means that once a year your users will automatically pay a set fee until they cancel.  This option is best suited for libraries that will be putting content out on an irregular basis, meaning fans may not have a reason to return for new content every single month.

4. Monthly and Annually (SVOD):

Monthly and Annually means that users pay automatically every month to access the bundle and have to pay an extra fee once a year as well. This is the cadillac of payment models.  If you are putting out premium content regularly and have a strong following of dedicated fans, this one is for you.

5. Tip Jar:

Every powr.com property launches with a Supportme Tip Jar already activated. This model allows fans, should they choose, to send donations to show their gratitude and to cover your production expenses. You can edit Tip Jar or remove it as you would any other bundle.  To learn more about tip jar, check out this blog article.

Note on prices:

Its hard to choose the right price to access your content. To figure it out get ready to throw on your Economics hat and look at the elasticity of your market.  I know you are already dozing off, but you gotta figure out how how many fans will stick around as your prices go up. Choose a price that is fair for the quality of your work and reflects what your average fan would be willing to pay. For a million dollars a month price tag you might get one fan, for a dollar a month price tag you might get 2 million fans. Guess which is better!

Part 3: Coupons

Sometimes you need to give your fans a carrot to get them to pay for your content. Integrate Coupons to provide users a discount or access to content you've monetized for free!

Step 1: Accessing Coupons

From the powr.com admin dashboard select "Bundles" and from the drop down select "Coupons".

Step 2: Creating a Coupon

From this section you can edit existing coupons or add new ones.  Select " +Create Coupon" to add a new coupon.

Step 3: Editing a coupon 

From the below page you can edit every aspect of your coupon.

Name: Give your Coupon a promotional name!

Code: Either enter a custom code to access a coupon for example "25%OffYAY!" or we can generate one for you.

Quantity: This number dictates how many times a coupons can be redeemed. 

Bundle: This allows you to choose which of your bundles the discount can be applied to.

Discount type: From here you can choose whether the discount is a dollar amount off, a percentage off, or makes the bundle free!

Amount Off: Choose how much off the coupon will be worth.

For Recurring bundles, Apply discount to: Here you can choose how the coupon is applied to recurring bundles.  The discount can only be applied for the first payment in a subscription, or for every payment.

Expires: Choose a date that the coupon expires and can never be used again.

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