Lesson 5: Custom domain names

Now that you have gone through all the steps and customized your new shiny website you may want to connect it to a custom domain.  In order to do this, you must own the registered domain name.  

If you'd like to apply a custom domain to your website. Then follow along:

Custom domain names:

A typically powr.com website looks like this: http://justlol.unreel.me. Where "justlol" is the unique site-name. 

If you owned the domain www.justlolapp.com you can have it point to http://justlol.unreel.me

In your DNS, please create a CNAME record for your primary domain (justlolapp.com) like this: 

www CNAME justlol.unreel.me


Example - Godaddy instructions - CNAME change

Step 1: Click on Manage DNS for your domain. 


Step 2: Click on ADD or EDIT an existing CNAME record that has Name = "www".


Step 3: Add CNAME record


All Done! Now to go your https://admin.unreel.me/admin/layout/general and update your Custom Domain.


Optional - Step 4

Add/Edit "A" record with Name = "@" with a naked redirect IP =

This will redirect anything "domain.com" to "www.domain.com"


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