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You have the unique privilege of setting up numerous unique sites for each brand in your network! Follow the below instructions to learn how to navigate the network dashboard, and then follow the rest of our help articles to guide the creation of each of your network’s sites.

The Network Dashboard:

From here you can add and manage each of the creators in your network. That includes creating a site, adding a site owner, and viewing each site's information and analytics.

Adding a new site to your network:

Step 1: Adding a site

To add a new site to your network select "+Add site"

Step 2: Setting up a new site

Before handing over a new site in your network to its manager you can set it up how ever you would like. Keep in mind you can always edit their site, even after you have given them control. 


From here you can set the domain name of the site (connect to your own custom URL, or use a domain), the site name, a description of the site, and connect the associated Youtube and Facebook channels with this site.  Videos from these Facebook and Youtube accounts will automatically be pulled into the new site.  You can then invite the site's manager to take control via email.

Viewing analytics and editing an existing site:

Step 1: Selecting the site from the Network dashboard

To select to see a specific site, find it in the network dashboard and select the view site button.


You will then be taken to that site's full fledged dashboard, where you can view analytics and make any edits to the site you like.  For more information on how to edit a specific site, check out these help articles.

Viewing and editing the manager of each site:

Viewing or changing who manages any given site in your network is easy!

Step 1: Selecting the site details page

To select which site you want to view/change the manager for, find the site in the Network dashboard, and click the gear icon.

Step 2: Navigating Site Details/ Editing 

From the site details page you can see the current manager of a site and edit who has access from here. To do so, select the "change" button that is next to "Owner Details." 


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