Lesson 7: Stripe Integration

Your fans have money that they want you to have! The only way to get paid on Powr however is with a Stripe account. Stripe allows for you, the creator, to access real-time analytics of the financials of your site/apps.  It also means you can be paid by a direct deposit to your bank account at whatever frequency you choose!  All you have to do is create a free Stripe account, connect it to your powr.com dashboard. It is easy, and we will walk you through it!

Part 1: Creating a Stripe account

Step 1: Go to Stripe!

To create your stripe account you will have to visit their site>> https://dashboard.stripe.com/register

From your stripe account you can connect your bank account and see detailed analytics around your powr.com properties. If you have an questions please refer to Stripe's help articles https://support.stripe.com/

Part 2: Connecting your powr.com account to your Stripe account. 

Step 1: Accessing your profile.

From your Admin dashboard select your profile, by clicking on your site name on the top right hand corner and selecting "My Profile"

Step 2: Accessing Payment Info.

From your profile, select the section titled "Payment Info" 

Step 3: Connecting to Stripe

To connect to Stripe, select the Blue "Connect to stripe button"



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