Embedding Videos/Channels

Your Unreel Site may be awesome, however sometimes you or one of your viewers will want to put one of your videos or an entire channel on a different site. 

Embedding an Unreel.me video/channel elsewhere on the web:

Each video on Unreel powered sites has an embed code that can be copied and pasted anywhere else on the web. You can choose whether you want to share a single video or the entire channel that video lives on.

Step one: Accessing the embed code

Click into the video you want to embed on the proper channel you want to embed. Select the share icon on the right hand side.  The bottom line of code in the share section is the embed code!

Step two: Embed the entire channel or a single video

From the video's share section, you can choose whether you want to embed just that video, or the entire channel, with that video first.  If you check the "Auto play next video" box then the code will embed the entire channel.  If you uncheck the "Auto play next video" box then the code will embed just that video. 

Now take this iframe code and embed it on a website, article, mobile web page etc. and watch the views roll in!


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