Transaction History

Once your property is set up and business is booming, you are going to want to keep track of transactions.  With your dashboard you can keep track of your property's transactional history. Right from the home page of your dashboard you will see a history of each transaction.

Your transaction history shows:


The date the transaction took place.


The email address of the individual who made the transaction.


The name of the bundle that was purchased/ the donation.


The cost of the bundle/donation.


The Amount minus Unreel's fees.  This is what you take home in your pocket!

Export as a CSV:

All of your transaction history data can be exported based on what ever date range you choose in a CSV. You will receive your CSV list via email shortly after you request your data.

For Networks:

The transaction history for all of their respective properties will be available from the network dashboard.  This will allow you to keep track of purchase history across each of your sites/apps. 



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