Managing Playlists

Playlists allow you to program your content exactly as you want with unparalleled precision.  Choose the exact order of different types of content that plays in your playlist, from Ads to Open and Bump videos to introduce content. The power of broadcast programming on your OTT apps!

Please note this is only applicable for Network accounts. Contact us for further details if you have interest.

Editing/Creating Playlists:

1. Opening the playlist manager

From your admin select "Content" and from the drop down menu select "Playlists"


2. Creating playlists.

To create a new playlist select the "+ Create Playlist" button.

3. Editing existing playlists

To edit an existing playlist select the Gear icon to the right of the playlist you want to edit


 From the Edit/Create playlist page you can set a title, description, and thumbnail to represent your playlist in the discovery section.  It is very important the thumbnail image is a square so that it reflects beautifully on your OTT app!

Programming Playlists:

From the bottom of the "Edit/Create Playlist page" you can select the "+Add Item Here" button underneath the "Programming" section.  Once you have added an item to a playlist, you can select its type from the drop down titled "Type"

There are several different types of content you can add to a playlist:

Open -

A piece of content that introduces the entire playlist.
We allow you to serve this via Aerserv, Springserve, or SpotX

Bump -

A piece of content that introduces the next section of content within the playlist
Also served via Aerserv, Springserve, or Spotx


A sponsored advertisement that can be placed within playlists at designated times.
Served via Aerserv, Springserve, or Spotx

Video -

The core of the playlist. This is the content you want to show in your playlists. Simply search for the video you want to show and select it.

 Adding a playlist to a discovery page:

Once you set up your playlists and want to show them on your App, from the admin dashboard go to "Settings" and select Layout.


From the layout page select your Discover (Videos) page module.



From here you can search for the playlists you would like to add to that specific playlist. 

Now your OTT app will have the Playlists that have been programmed with the detail of broadcast TV!

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