Channel Directory (Site wide)

Site wide Channel Directory is a module that allows for a site wide view of all of your channels.  This is a master page users can visit to see every channel you have in a single place! 

Enabling Channel Directory Site wide:

Step 1: Select Layout

From your admin dashboard on the left menu select "Settings." Then select "Layout" from the drop down.

Step 2: Add a New Section

Select the "+ New Section" button to create your channel directory.

Step 3: Create the Channel Directory

A pop up will appear asking what kind of section are you trying to create, select "Directory - Displays a page of all channels."

Step 4: Editing your Channel Directory

From here you can edit your channel directory:

Name it (Label)

Set an icon (menu icon)

Choose whether to have  description under each video when a user selects a channel from the directory or not (Show video info)

Choose which channels to include in what order (available channels, selected channels).

Then select "Save" when you are done. 

Step 5: Adding images to each channel in your directory

On default the image for each tile representing a channel in your directory will be your brand's icon.  

To customize each tile image, which is highly recommended, go to 'content' on the left hand menu of your admin dashboard and select 'Channels.'


From the 'channels' section select the gear icon next to each channel that is featured in your directory.

From here you can:

Display Name: Adjust the name of the channel.

Show content: Choose the source of the content for the channel.

Show Logo: Choose if you want the channel's logo to appear at the top of the channel's page.

Logo: Choose a square logo that represents the channel. It is recommended the image be at least 330px by 330px

Show artwork:  Choose if you would like a banner image at the top of the channel page.

Artwork: Choose if you would like a banner image at the top of your channels page.  It is recommended you upload an image that is 2400px by 400px.






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