Series Support

Unreel is now able to highlight your episodic content with series support.  If you have a show and would like to present it as such, please drop a message to our help section requesting access. 

Series Support

1. Select the series section of the Content drop down in the admin dashboard. 


2. Select '+Create a series'


From here you can:

Poster:  Upload a vertical image to represent the series

Background:  Upload an image that will appear behind the description and poster on the series info page.

Title:  Give your series a name!

Description:  Give your series a description.

Status:  Set if you series is public and can be seen by every one, or unlisted and can only be seen in the admin.

Cast:  List who is in the series.

Creators: List the series Creators.

Directors:  List the series Directors.

Release year: Select the year the series was first released in.

MPAA Rating:  List the rating your series was given, or likely would receive from the MPAA

Tags:  Add any relevant tags to your series so it can be easily searched for.

Channels:  Add the series to any of your channels.



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